Financial Progress

Accounting Software

PR has installed the quick book software which can cater both the Global Fund’s and local regulatory requirements which includes the following:

  • Cost head wise reporting
  • Module wises reporting
  • SR wise reporting
  • Local reporting requirements as per local laws.(For external audit Purpose)

SRs Capacity Building

  • PR introduced the standard financial reporting pack which is in line with the TGF reporting requirement. All the SRs were trained on the same which has harmonized the financial reporting of the whole grant.
  • PR provides the required guidance to all SRs on Global Fund “ Guidelines for Annual Audits of the Program Financial Statements “ which has enabled the SR to cater the requirements of the program for audit.
  • On job Training for the preparation of PUDR and EFR have also been provided to all SRs.

Desk Review

PR developed a review start to ensure pragmatic achievement and financial disciplines. All SRs are reporting their pragmatic achievement along with expenditure incurred on monthly basis.

  • Internal desk review is performed on quarterly basis.
  • Onside data verification is done on the basis of guidance provided by Desk review which is followed by the identification of weakness and strengths through a formal report to concerned

Follow up Process

All SRs are required to address the weaknesses identified during either desk review or onside data verification which is monitored regularly


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