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Monitoring Tiers for R-7 Malaria Grant

Monitoring frame work / policy:

Keeping in view the importance of monitoring in quality and timely implementation of grant interventions a comprehensive Monitoring policy has been developed and being followed . The salient features are as under;

Cost sharing monitoring visits:

PR, Federal and provincial level monitors are usually accompanied by the SR representatives during the field visits which help in reducing the monitoring cost per person.

On site trouble shooting:

Joint visits of PR/ federal/ Provincial and district monitors with SR representatives ensures on site trouble shooting.

De-briefing sessions:

Monitors from all the three tiers are supposed to convene a de-briefing session with the implementers (SRs) and other stake holders at district/ provincial level.

Use of Structured monitoring tools:

This ensures uniformity in monitoring. The checklists in this regards have been developed and monitors at all level use these checklists. This facilitates regular feedback by the M&E unit of PMU.

Monthly review and coordination meetings:

Review meetings are being conducted on monthly basis in second week of every month by PR. The meeting are attended by SR representatives, Programme M&E , PSM and finance unit of PR and chaired by Director DoMC. Monthly progress updates and bottle necks are discussed. Pending issues identified during monitoring visits are discussed. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity for experience sharing. Policy decisions, if required are made agreed upon and shared among all the stake holders.

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Monitoring Tiers for R-7 Malaria Grant
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